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Verify Before You Buy

Verify Before You Buy

Verify Before You Buy

Scan the QR Code and Know The Genuinity of The Product


Unique QR

The quick response system and fast readability with greater storage capacity compared to standard barcode.


Quality Assured

To maintain a desired level of quality in a service and product, especially by mean of attention to every stage of process.


Real Time Data

It's a system which collect the information immediately to deliver also it help to track the product and helps to data analysis.

Implementation Area

The process of putting a decision or plan into effect and execution with technical specification or algorithm of a program.

Under Implementation

It's a execution or practice of plane with a standard method of design, idea, model and specification.

How it works ?

With the increase in the number of copied, flee and fake products increasing in almost every market sector, it is a growing concern for both the seller and buyer. Pirates are making their money by fooling both manufacturers and customers. This is what our company “TESTRG” stands against..


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